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Cartoon Limbo started as an exhibit featuring cartoons, comics, illustrations, rejection notes, correspondence - any printed matter related to cartoons, comics, and illustrative art having been turned down for publication at some point, thereby landing in a sort of limbo.
It's a thrilling peek into the personal files of the artists who have made history and defined culture.

Cartoon Limbo was originally presented at Venu Gallery in 2007.

In 2011, Cartoon Limbo returned as an exhibit to New Hope Arts Center in New Hope, PA, followed by a run at Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ.
The 2011 exhibit included guest speakers Stan Goldberg, Mort Todd, and Monica Sheehan, as well two film nights, and a cartoon contest with contestants from four local schools.

Some of the artists featured and discussed in "Cartoon Limbo" 2007 and 2011 include:

Carl Barks,   Dick Briefer,   Milton Caniff,    Art Cumings,   Jeff Danziger,   Stan Goldberg,   Chester Gould,   Woody Guthrie.   Irwin Hasen,   Bunny Hoest,   Al Jaffee,   Crockett Johnson,   Karla Kuskin,   Ruth Marcus,   John Reiner,   Charles Schulz Maurice Sendak,   Dr. Seuss,   Joe Shuster & Jerry Siegel,   Jay Stephens,   James Thurber,   Joe Vissichelli,   Mort Walker,   and   Victor "Vicky" Weisz ,   pl
us a look at AAEC's Golden Spike awards for rejected editorial cartoons and an elusive 1939 Exhibit of Rejected Cartoons that took place at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cartoon Limbo 2011 was made possible through the generous support of Paul Beckwith.

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