Snowman by my great-nephew Jordan.


.Jackson Zerrer, now in his 20s, was always one of my favorite young artists.
Here's his biography of me in a few great cartoon panels.
It's now my favorite gym workout t-shirt. 



This fan letter came from a very young reader,
along with a drawing she did that copied
a cartoon from my first book,
"Zoom Cat Zoom!"


The artist above is seen in the photo below.
By then, she was in her teens when we met in person
and she wanted to give me a piece of art she created.
She was interested in working as an artist when she got older,
so I suggested she sell me the art instead of giving it to me.
Her mom and she agreed, and this became her first sale.
And I now own a future famous artist's work!



Schools sometimes feature a children's book that they've discovered.
The Queen of Peace School in Shamokin, PA featured me as their author
with all three of the children's books I've done.
In addition, they asked me to discuss my favorite children's book with them,
which, as you may or may not know, is "How Joe The Bear and Sam The Mouse Got Together,
(the original 1965 version by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers,
illustrated by Bernice Myers).

Here's a thank you card photo from Mrs. Mary Major,
along with three of the many notes from the children in her first grade class.
So often I feel it's only me who owes thanks in these exchanges.
Meeting the children and reading these notes
- many of which close with specific notes wishing me peace -
makes the books, the doodles, the writing,
all seem insignificant compared to the love in their words.



Below are excerpts from some of the letters I receive.



I love this card from my next-door neighbors' boys.
It's a bit of great storytelling. 

I'm going to give my interpretation:

The first image in this multi-page card shows we are neighbors,
with our two houses much closer in the drawing than in real life,
and with our two roofs touching - sort of an idea of mutual support.

Image two surprised me:
I didn't even know the boys knew I was a gym nut,
or that they knew how to draw a guy on the bench press,
but there I am, getting my bench press on.

Image three is this great abstract and bold splash of color,
followed by the bench press ready for someone to use it.

Image four is a two part telling of a scary auto accident I had
that resulted in me flipping the SUV I was in and landing upside down.
I'm guessing that's me in the SUV
 (along with the person who ran me off the road, resulting in the accident),
followed by the police on the scene.

Great storytelling by these two young artists!



Long before I had success with my publishing company, GLM Books,
I volunteered to read and draw for children in schools,
very often testing out ideas I had for books I wanted to get published.
Children actually became part of the editing process:
oars of laughter would get a drawing, story, or poem a check mark and secure its place for future publication,
while blank stares would produce an "X" and reject buzzer sound in my head.
Below are notes from children that very much encouraged and supported the idea
that a book written by Janet Carlson-Sanders,
illustrated by me, and named "Crazy Old Aunt Helen," had a future.



At a fundraiser for the volunteer fire department
in the town where we had a country home,
I got the chance to bid on - and WIN - this fun piece by a fireman's daughter.
We love our family at the fire department.

Click here
 to visit Stockton Fire Department's website and learn about this great crew -
and join us sometime as a volunteer at their various fundraiser events. 
Your heart will burst with joy and love.
And no fire department can put out that kind of great fire!



I got cartoons from a young artist who, from a very young age,
had a very good sense of humor and instinctively seemed to know
whata punch line is and when and how to use it.
Read below and I think you'll agree.



This Thanksgiving art also came from Ella,
who was joined by her brother who made the
"Lewis Bio" that wound up on the t-shirt
near the top of this page.



More great art and a Christmas card from Jackson



Christmas card from Ella

First image: Outside front and back of card
Second image: Inside of card



Some fun art from a young artist named Cindy.
She was fairly young and I wonder if she was
aware that one of the earliest incidents of graffiti
was the popular "Kilroy Was Here" image.
Click here for info on "Kilroy...."


Below is something from an event with the Ink Well Foundation at Bellevue Hospital.
I took some drawings from my Daily Doodles
and one of the children added color and wrote this nice note.
Click here
for more info on that visit.


Below are two pieces of art from a young artist named Lindsay.
I met Lindsay at her Grandparents and Aunt Heather's while in Tennessee.
Lindsay read "Crazy Old Aunt Helen" aloud for us,
a book I illustrated by Janet Carlson Sanders.
Click on images to enlarge



A thank-you note from Lindsay she sent by postal mail,
and a photo of us together when I first met her.


Here's some equally amazing art by another young talented artist
named Avery who I also met in Tennessee.